At Boston Manor House, our Learning team believe it is our responsibility to aim to:

  • Promote creative ideas and innovative thinking and expression among all learners and visitors
  • Connect people through community engagement, collaborative interaction and first-hand experiences
  • Always support people to feel safe, respected and welcome when they learn with our sites
  • Be accessible
  • Be honest in content and the way we work
  • Ensure our learning programmes are site-specific and generate a sense of place
  • Have high quality, well-managed and financially sustainable Learning programmes that reflect the needs of our audiences
  • Endeavour to work in an ecologically sustainable way
  • Inspire people with the life and works of the residents and the stories our sites tell.

We believe our programmes should inspire and motivate the continuation of learning, engagement and volunteering beyond the visit, to create lifelong learners who feel confident and happy to access heritage and culture.

We believe that continuing, thoughtful evaluation involving dialogue with participants and partners enables us to focus on constant improvement.

We want to share knowledge gained through engagement and partnership working to benefit all programmes, staff, participants and the wider sector. We will aim to be vocal advocates for effective, inclusive, innovative, high-quality practice.

We constantly aim to find ways to include more voices in the house’s interpretation and, wherever possible, enable people to choose and develop the way they engage with Boston Manor House, as well as our sister site, Hogarth’s House.

We work closely with partners in our local boroughs of Hounslow and Ealing to ensure our programme supports the needs of our surrounding communities. Schools, adults, families and community groups can book onto our programmes or get involved through partnership projects.

To find out more or if you’re interested in working with us, please contact us at bostonmanorhouse@hounslow.gov.uk